Streamlining Digital Production: On Set with Todd Schweikert [Snackinar Recording]

By Globaledit

In this week’s Snackinar, we begin a new series focused on the craft of digital photo and video production. We’ll be interviewing top talent from across the creative industry to learn how they use their skills to create top-notch visuals for their audience.
Our first guest is Todd Schweikert, VP of Capture Operations at Industrial Color Productions, who joined us to share:

  • The history and evolution of digital photo capture
  • The challenges faced by creative photo teams on set and on location
  • Tips and tricks for smooth digital production

Todd Schweikert has over 15 years of digital capture experience and is known for his workflow architecture expertise in both digital still and video production.
Industrial Color Productions is recognized as the premier digital capture company in both NY and LA, always at the forefront of digital capture technology.
Check out the recording below!