Steve Madden Expands its Direct-to-Consumer Portfolio

By Globaledit
Aug 29, 2019

Steve Madden adds to its direct-to-consumer portfolio with recent acquisitions of GREATS and BB Dakota, Inc.

The acquisitions extend Steve Madden’s focus on athleisure, in turn widening its men’s footwear reach. Steven Madden’s broadening of their horizon with athleisure grants access to capital and infrastructure to advance their growth. With Steve Madden’s move into athleisure, they will need to generate more photo and video content to deploy across a variety of marketing channels.

Acquisitions and growth into new areas, such as athleisure, urge brands to create more creative visual assets for marketing purposes. Globaledit’s robust metadata capabilities allow brands to easily organize and enrich legacy photo and video content. All visual assets are stored in a cloud-based centralized location in order to glean the most marketing value out of all content.

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