Rights and Wrongs of User Permissions [Snackinar Recording]

By Globaledit

There’s a fine line between open collaboration and a free for all. Managing a media library of thousands of assets is hard. Managing access to all of those assets is even harder. How do we separate access for internal vs. external users? Who can view what? And what can be distributed when?

globaledit puts the power in your hands to determine all permissions for viewing, downloading, and editing assets and their related data. Whether you need watermarked, date-based restrictions or full rights within specific folders, globaledit has the user rights combination for your workflow.
In this session you will learn:

  • Setting up basic user rights and permissions in globaledit
  • How to enable the powerful asset rights system
  • Creating user groups to bulk assign job permissions
  • How to check existing permissions and update on the fly
  • Best practices to secure and deliver large assets to external vendors, international teams, and partners

Join Product Manager, Matt Glueckert, for a crash course on user roles, permissions and rights management in globaledit.