Snackinar Featuring Mobile Markups

By Globaledit
Jan 09, 2014

It’s 2014 and we know professionals are becoming more reliant on mobile workflow tools than ever. We designed the globaledit app for iOS to meet the growing need for asset approvals on the go. globaledit users have been using our apps to connect teams all over the world and ensure that no production veers off schedule.
The globaledit mobile markup tool is one of the most advanced and intuitive the industry has seen to-date. This new feature brings full functionality to markup photos on your iPhone or iPad.
…and with the Super Zoom feature you can view and annotate your retina-ready images right in the palm of your hand to be sure no detail is missed.
Check out the game-changing new feature in this month’s Snackinar here.  I also feature a refresh for a few important tools you may have missed – Collaborative Lightboxes and Uplink file renaming. They’re available in your globaledit account today.
Stay connected for more big news from our team in the coming months.

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