Smashbox Studios Receives LABC's Award of Excellence in Interiors

By Globaledit
Jun 22, 2015

After being rewarded “2015 Best Redevelopment Project” by the Los Angeles Business Journal, our sister company, Smashbox Studios has received LABC’s Los Angeles Architectural Award of Excellence in Interiors.
Congratulations to the whole team at Industrial Color Brands, Gensler and Howard Building Corporation for making this incredible project possible!

When the renovation project started a year ago, it was a huge undertaking with very tight deadlines. The team was split between the East Coast and the West Coast of the United States, making it harder to communicate and work together.
Find out how design and architecture firm Gensler and all the stakeholders leveraged globaledit to remove barriers of time and location, and avoid expensive mistakes. Read the article.

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