Masterclass Series: Make Assets Smarter with Metadata

By Globaledit

Today’s creative production team must produce more photos, faster, with fewer resources. Rising to this challenge entails transforming the creative production process.
In this second session of our online masterclass series, we address a radical new vision for photo production, based on the concept of ‘smarter assets’ produced through automated metadata tagging.
This masterclass covers:

  • Automating metadata to enable ‘smarter assets’ through multiple platforms in the creative production process
  • How to use ‘smarter assets’ to accelerate creative production
  • Implementation guidelines for a ‘smarter asset’ workflow for high volume photo production


Past & upcoming classes:

  • Segmenting hi-res and low-res workflows
  • Building a best-in-breed creative production tech stack: Understanding the nuance differences between systems
  • The metadata holy grail: Designing a metadata schema for immediate communication and long-term access