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By Globaledit
May 22, 2015

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Stop searching for a needle in a haystack with globaledit advanced search! We’ve just released two new search criteria that will improve your review & approval process for good: You can now search your ‘Ratings’ by user(s) and/or date range.
Here are 3 use cases to take advantage of these new features and boost your productivity:

  1. Talent approval: How do I look for all the photos ‘killed’ by my talent?

SmartSearch_UseCase_1I want globaledit to show me all the killed photos by talent A. Expand  advanced search, select ‘Ratings’, then ‘Kill’, and click on the user icon.  Once that modal expands, begin typing the talent’s name. Now when you run your search you will see the list of assets  killed by talent A.

  1. How do I look for all the assets rated by a collaborator during a specific period of time?

SmartSearch_UseCase_2Your Creative Director (or another collaborator) emailed you on May 20th to let you know that she’s selected the photos for your next Fall campaign. You don’t know the file names. To avoid having to go through all the selected assets (other team members may have selected some of them too), you can now add your Creative Director’s name, and even a date range, to your search: ‘Ratings > Select > Creative Director > Between May 10 and May 20’. You went from 500 photos to only 20 in just a matter of seconds. Date range is also great to find all the assets that have been rated, killed or approved over a specific period of time, on one single project, or your entire library – perfect for those monthly reports.

  1. I keep searching the same assets over and over. How can I automate my search?

SmartSearch_SaveIf you are used to running the same search over and over, why not save it? With the new search criteria, it means you can now easily find it one single click: All the assets killed by your talent; Your weekly report of approved photos; Or anything that helps you keep your creative production track. Save your time.

Have a question, another use case in mind, or just want to share your workflow?
Contact us and we’ll be happy to help or publish your use case on our blog.

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