refinery29 creative production, Scaling Creative Production at Refinery29, globaledit®With over 25 million visitors per month and over 175 million users across all platforms, Refinery29 has become the fastest growing media company and today’s go-to place for millennial women looking for daily lifestyle & fashion inspiration. How does Refinery29 creative production team keep up with the increasing needs? For the 6th edition of the globaledit Creative Operations Breakfast, we asked Refinery29 team members Anne Cassard and Michael Ciancio to discuss the unique evolution of the creative production workflow at R29 over the past three high-growth years.
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refinery29 creative production, Scaling Creative Production at Refinery29, globaledit®Anne Cassard – Senior Project Manager, Refinery29

Anne Cassard’s work at Refinery29 centers on establishment, enactment, and constant improvement of workflow and inter/intra-departmental processes for the Design and larger Creative teams. She also oversees the growth and development of the Design and Creative staff in response to the shifting pursuits and demands of the business. Anne has refined her interest in creative management through her work with R29 over the past three years, having previously gained experience in the businesses of fashion and finance.

refinery29 creative production, Scaling Creative Production at Refinery29, globaledit®Michael Ciancio – Creative Director, Refinery29

Michael Ciancio heads up the Design team at Refinery29, overseeing all aspects of design across editorial, events and branded content. He brings diverse experience to the R29 team, joining from Wolff Olins, a leading international brand consultancy, where he helped major clients strategically and creatively change the way they do business. Michael was previously a grant-holder at FABRICA, the Benetton design research center based in Treviso Italy, where he worked alongside a wealth of international creatives, practicing product design and advertising.