The Role of Metadata in the Retail Trend of Rental Fashion

A recent CNBC article uncovers why brands such as Macy’s, Banana Republic, and Bloomingdale’s are all exploring the high-end fashion rental world. The article states that many retail brands are experimenting with new recurring revenue-generating models as the shopping habits of millennials are shifting towards a more sustainable rental economy for high-end pieces.

In order to optimize the lifetime value of each customer, rental companies must have a wide range of visual assets showing different sizes of each item. Easy-to-use apps and item recommendations based on each user’s preferences and style are also vital to keep rental customers coming back for more.

These item recommendations require robust metadata to suggest similar options. globaledit® can help to set up best-practices to future proof enterprise-level digital libraries. Contact us today to discover how globaledit can help with large-scale photo production and digital asset management.