Pro Video Coalition Interviews globaledit

By Globaledit
Feb 13, 2014

On the heels of globaledit’s much anticipated launch, we’re pleased to share with you an interview conducted by the Pro Video Coalition with some of our team leaders. CEO, Steve Kalalian, CTO, Geoff Brookins, and VP of Sales and Marketing, Mathieu Champigny, discussed the brand’s new developments, as well as the major impact globaledit is having on the modern creative production workflow. Not only is globaledit making major advancements on the product and development, but also with the user experience when interacting with the globaledit brand.

“We’re carefully creating high-end production tools with globaledit, powering users to produce more in a much simpler way… It has been great because we’ve really helped our clients develop and move their business forward. It’s a huge hidden competitive advantage for our clients because success is so often contingent on speed to market, and that’s what globaledit is all about.” –Steve Kalalian, CEO

“We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved in the last year on the development side to make the product move faster and smoother. On the brand side, we decided it was time for a face-lift for globaledit…[Additionally] we’re really proud of all of the fresh content on the new website.” – Mathieu Champigny, VP of Sales and Marketing

Be sure to read the complete interview here.

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