Pro Photo Coalition's Exclusive Interview with Industrial Color Brands

By Globaledit
Jul 23, 2013

Industrial Color Brands’ CEO, Steve Kalalian sat down with the Pro Photo Coalition to talk about the evolution of the creative production companies Industrial Color, Impact Digital, Fast Ashleys Studios, and globaledit.

23 Years ago we started as a 2-person graphics team… We decided to focus on being a graphics design firm specializing in fashion and photography promotion… We really got the bug for high end retouching pretty quickly.

That two person team grew into a family of vertically integrated companies that service each phase of creative production.

A light bulb went off and I said we need to make it really simple for traditional photographers to transition to digital with a phone call.  So digital as a service was really invented in 2000.  In two rolling cases you could run an entire pre press powerhouse.

To learn more about the inner workings of Industrial Color Brands, read the full interview here!

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