Omnichannel Personalization Calls for More Creative Content and Enhanced Collaboration  

By Globaledit
Feb 14, 2020

Omnichannel personalization is reputably the largest 2020 marketing win. Securing this win calls for more creative content and accelerated marketing collaboration.

McKinsey & Company’s article “The end of shopping boundaries: Omnichannel personalization” notes that “Personalization across physical and digital channels is the next big marketing opportunity.” Personalized content should not be secluded to the digital realm. Instead, brands must expand customized content to their brick & mortar stores. Brands that can source and deploy curated content for both the digital and physical realms will be leaders of personalization. The article recognizes “companies that are able to personalize the customer experience across physical and digital channels-omnichannel personalization-can achieve a 5 to 15 percent revenue increase across the full customer base.”

To drive revenue through customized content, brands must create a dialog between the physical and digital worlds. Companies must have their digital marketing campaigns and storefront displays work in tandem. The article advises, “Companies should focus on five touchpoints where this convergence happens: mobile app, digital displays, interactive screens, tech-enabled associates, and point of sale.”

Marketing teams will need to work collaboratively to push out creative content for each of these diverse touchpoints. While these distinct channels call for specific creative, the channels must produce creative that creates a consistent conversation.

Globaledit’s creative asset management platform helps creatives deploy high-quality content for specific channels quickly. With globaledit, marketing teams can achieve enhanced collaboration. Our platform provides visibility into all versions of the creative—from the original to the retouched—creating one source of truth.

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