On creating compelling visual storytelling – A conversation with Vanessa Holden


Vanessa Holden is a creative leader with an established track record of creating, launching, extending, and growing global brands. As the former SVP, Creative Director of American lifestyle brand West Elm, Vanessa oversaw the creation of a completely integrated omnichannel brand experience, leading the teams who created all facets of the customers’ brand experience.

Vanessa has focused on the art of storytelling through images and words throughout her diverse career in publishing and design. As Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart Living, Vanessa oversaw the creative and editorial direction of the award-winning magazine and married its visual style with the brand’s media and retail segments.

Vanessa recently sat down with us to discuss content consumption, successful and impactful visual storytelling, and changes that affect today’s creative operations teams. Watch the full interview.