New Webinar! Building the Case for a New Workflow Solution

By Globaledit
Oct 21, 2016

Building the Case for a New Workflow Solution

Drive Transformation in your Organization

Featuring Molly Gallagher, Consultant,
Former VP of Marketing, Creative Services and Operations at Kenneth Cole Productions.


Congratulations! You’ve identified new workflow solutions to make your creative services team more productive and deliver more content more economically. Now what?
How do you convey the message that with the right tools the cost center can be transformed into a revenue engine? How do you get the resources? How do you get C-level sign off? And once the budget is in place, how do you roll it out and get broad-scale adoption?
In this webinar, Molly Gallagher, Consultant, Former VP of Marketing, Creative Services and Operations at Kenneth Cole Productions, will offer strategies, tactics and tips to build the business case for a new workflow solution. That’s the best way to drive innovation and transformation, and reap the benefits accordingly.
Watch this FREE webinar and learn how to:

  • Identify the right timeframe to implement a new technology solution
  • Communicate the need–and the enhancements possible–to decision makers
  • Understand the potential disconnect between system users and C-level executives
  • Develop successful strategies for rollout / adoption

Molly Gallagher is an accomplished executive-level creative marketer with over 15 years of industry related experience. Molly has an outstanding record of achievement in creating efficiencies and a proven track record of establishing and developing fully integrated processes, teams, systems, and calendars in order to deliver a cohesive 360 brand experience. As VP, Marketing Creative Services and Operations for Kenneth Cole Productions, she was responsible for implementing an effective department workflow. At David Yurman luxury jewelry, Molly helped to establish a creative infrastructure as well as processes and calendars upon the company’s split from its longtime creative agency. She began her career in magazine publishing at Conde Nast as a photo shoot producer for celebrity and fashion photo shoots spanning the globe.

Globaledit is a cloud-based platform that empowers creative professionals to manage visual production at scale. Globaledit is part of Industrial Color Brands.


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