New Lightbox Features

By Globaledit
Apr 05, 2011

With the latest GLOBALedit release, lightboxes now have several new features that make it easier for users to work with lightboxes.
One new feature is the ability to create groups of lightboxes. Lightbox groups can be used for managing lightboxes by project so that all lightboxes pertaining to a specific project would be located in one place for easy reference. A user can sort their lightboxes in groups into whatever categories make sense for their workflow.

To create a lightbox group select the dropdown menu next to LIGHTBOXES at the top left of the page and clicking New Group. Once you have created a group, you can easily move lightboxes into and out of that group just by dragging and dropping.

Users can now download all the images in a lightbox with one click. This feature makes file sharing and delivery much more convenient through lightboxes as users can send vendors all the high resolution images pertaining to a job in one lightbox that the vendor can quickly download.

To download all the images in a lightbox select the Download All button. Then you can select whether you want to download all the files or only specific file types such as JPG, TIFF, PSD and RAW.

When users Download All from a lightbox the system will now only download the larger file when there are multiple images with the same filename. For example, only the hires JPG would be downloaded if there were also lores preview JPGs.

Another new download feature is the ability to filter a lightbox and then download all of the filtered images only instead of the entire lightbox. With this feature, users can filter by the standard filter options as well as by saved Searches which makes finding and downloading specific files quick and easy.

For more information on working with lightboxes you can go to our Lightbox Support page here.
Check in next Tuesday, April 12 for Part 2 in this series that walks through even more new lightbox features.

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