New Lightbox Features – Part 2

By Globaledit
Apr 12, 2011

There are several new lightbox features that can make sharing and collaborating on lightboxes easier and more efficient.
Users can now see all their lightbox options in once place simply by rolling over the lightbox name and opening the dropdown menu. This menu gives you the following options:
Share: share the lightbox with others
Download All: download all the images in the lightbox
View Properties: view properties such as who the lightbox owner is, when it was created, if there are any notes associated with it and to see a list of the files in the lightbox
View Lightbox Users: see who are other viewers of the lightbox
Move To: move the lightbox to a new group
Delete: delete the lightbox

The new comments feature is a useful way of collaborating and making notes on a project as a team. It enables the team to have an ongoing conversation about the job as a whole in addition to specific notes on individual assets.

The bottom of the screen shows the lightbox comment box. You can maximize or minimize the box by clicking the title of the comment box. Comments are now saved with a time stamp so you can see when users posted their comments.

Lightbox senders have the ability to change a user@f2s permission after a lightbox has already been sent out.  This feature is handy if you didn@f3t give the correct permissions to a user when sending out the lightbox or if the permissions need to change.

You can share the lightbox by selecting @f4Invite Others@f5 in the comment box or by rolling over the lightbox and selecting @f6Share.@f7 To change a user@f8s permissions after a lightbox has been sent out, simply click Lightbox Users in the comment box and adjust as needed.
To learn more about working with lightboxes you can go to our Lightbox Support page here.

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