We’re excited to announce the release of our most recent iOS update with loads of new features to streamline your workflow. New notifications, easier asset selection, improved job navigation, and an updated info panel make working between the web and your mobile devices that much more seamless. Check out the full details below, and see the powerful new updates in action here.

  • New and Improved Notifications – The dashboard now includes several new notifications including job, lightbox, and approval gallery access/expirations, new assets in a Lightbox, and more. You’ll receive push notifications outside the app and a drop-down notification inside.  Tap the notification on the dashboard to be directed to the actual activity.
  • HD Video Streaming – The app now supports lightning fast, retina ready HD video streaming.
  • Faster Asset Selection– Select multiple assets by simply sliding your finger to rate or comment on them all at once.
  • Easier Lightbox Management – You can now add assets to a Lightbox from any job or Lightbox and remove assets from a Lightbox within the app. You can also create a new Lightbox from the “add to Lightbox” screen.
  • Updated Info Panel – The info panel now lists the entire asset history.
  • Improved Job Navigation – Switch between jobs easily by navigating folders Jobs>Tab>Account>Jobs>Subfolders.
As always, we are happy to walk you through how to incorporate these beneficial updates into your workflow. Feel free to contact us at support@globaledit.com.