Look Who's Using GLOBALedit – Showtime January Premieres
By Globaledit
Jan 11, 2013

We picked up the recent issue of GQ magazine and came across this double sided print ad from Showtime.
Showtime called two of our sister companies to also participate in the production of these new advertisements. Industrial Color provided capture and post-production services, and Impact Digital did the retouching and CGI for the House of Lies and Californication images. Showtime uses globaledit to manage the talent approvals for all of the shows. Our features made it pretty easy to send galleries, manage deadlines and track assets that have been approved. It is so exciting to see the end result!


Premiere night is Sunday, January 13th. Tune in at 9PM for all new seasons of Shameless, House of Lies and Californication and stop by the Showtime site for exclusive coverage.


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