Look Who’s Using GLOBALedit – USA Network

New York City audiences got a sneak peak of USA Network?s summer original series during a screening of the premieres this week at Hudson River Park. GLOBALedit provided online talent approvals for publicity images for USA Network.

Summer Screening

TV audiences will be able to see the season premieres of White Collar and Covert Affairs on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 on USA Network.

White Collar Season 3 premieres at 9 PM EST with Tim DeKay as FBI agent Peter Burke suspecting Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey of stealing a priceless art collection off a Nazi submarine. GLOBALedit managed publicity and episodic coverage for this series. For more information on White Collar click here.

AM NY White Collar

The Season 2 series premiere of Covert Affairs airs at 10 PM EST with Annie Walker played by Piper Perabo returning from a mission to Sri Lanka and getting reassigned as a handler for a professional tennis player from Estonia who now wants the CIA to leave her alone. GLOBALedit managed talent approvals for Covert Affairs. To read more about the show and catch up on previous episodes click here.

Covert Affairs