Masterclass Series: Learn Real-World Creative Production Techniques


This year globaledit attended fantastic creative operations conference both on the West and East Coast. One of the main feedback we received is that creative production professionals were yearning for the chance to dive deeper into many topics discussed.

As a result, our Masterclass Series was born. We will be putting on a series of online masterclasses led by experts in the field of creative operations.

The first session will be:

Segmenting hi-res and low-res workflows to accelerate review and approval, post-production processes, and delivery. REGISTER NOW >


Upcoming classes:

  • Leveraging metadata to enable ‘smart assets’ through multiple platforms in the creative production process.
  • Building a best-in-breed creative production tech stack: Understanding the nuance differences between systems.
  • The metadata holy grail: Designing a metadata schema for immediate communication and long-term access.