Release: Globaledit iOS version 2.7.2

A recent release of our iOS app offers improved functionality and bug fixes. You can always download our app in the Apple App Store. 

What’s improved:

• You can now add assets to Lightboxes in Lightbox Groups.

• You now can see more of your Jobs, Folders, Lightboxes, Galleries and Assets. You can now make full use of the iPad Pro screen size.

What’s fixed:

• There is an increased limit on the number of Lightboxes you can access. The limit has increased from 30 to 1000.

• When contacting support, you will be able to return to the application seamlessly.

• When tapping on an expired Lightbox in your notifications list and then clicking on “ok” to dismiss the message, your navigation menu will work as expected.

As always if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to contact or visit our help section.