Introducing…GLOBALedit Support Videos – Collaborative Markups

By Globaledit
Dec 20, 2012

We are very excited to share with you the new support videos that are now available at the GLOBALedit Support Channel on Vimeo and on our support site! Our first video series, Lesson 1, will introduce video tutorials that will demonstrate the core features of GLOBALedit. Share these videos with new team members or to explore the depth of already known tools.

As new features roll out we will provide video support to help introduce the new tools to you and your team. In the following video, we demonstrate how to use the new collaborative markup feature. Check out the video and find out how to use this tool to maximize instant collaborations and accelerate team communication and efficiency.

More videos will be released often so be sure to check back in with us after the New Year. Please send any ideas for support videos to

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