Important Update for iPad App

By Globaledit
Dec 20, 2010

GLOBALedit for iPad v1.0.4.4 is now available in the iTunes App Store.

Bugs fixed in v1.0.4.4:

  • Login would display when GE site was down for upgrade
  • If a user changed their iPad to use 24-hour clock the app would not display the created date and time for notes
  • If a user paused a video and then scrolled to the next asset then back to the video there would be no asset displayed
  • If a user entered a gallery with a note in the first 5 assets the app would crash
  • Videos played automatically when scrolled to
  • If the source collection for an approval gallery was removed and the user attempted to update the gallery the update would try even though there are no assets for the gallery
  • The login view would display incorrect error message (“The iPad is offline. Please connect to a WiFi network.”) when failed to login to GE.
  • Video play button is not displayed on assets while browsing through thumbnail strip
  • After logging in gallery list was not displayed
  • If the user downloaded a large gallery and then logged out of the app the app would stall
  • Download progress bar for gallery goes to zero when scrolling away from view
  • After logging in “Last updated” status was not displayed
  • When switching to other apps and then switching back the app would close the open gallery

Click here to visit the iTunes store today to purchase GLOBALedit App for iPad or update to the newest version.
To see the App in action and learn more about its features, click here to view our marketing video and here to view our support video.

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