How to implement a new DAM system – A conversation with Lauren Philson


Lauren PhilsonLauren Philson, Digital Assets Manager at The Rockefeller Foundation, specializes in enterprise system deployments in both the private and public sectors. Lauren views Digital Asset Management (DAM) as a dynamic keystone in any organization’s technology suite and has driven strategic integration projects with PIM and ECM platforms. Championing efficiency and overall effectiveness, she emphasizes process and change management alongside technical considerations in order to craft the best possible user experience.

Lauren is currently rolling out a new DAM for The Rockefeller Foundation as part of a larger digital enhancement to evolve the esteemed philanthropy’s message through storytelling and compelling media. Previously, she implemented DAM and a suite of creative tools for e-commerce leader

Lauren recently shared with us tips and advices on how to seamlessly implement a new digital asset management system in an organization. Watch the full interview: