The Impact of Omnichannel Marketing on Creative Operations

By Globaledit

omnichannel marketing creative operations, The Impact of Omnichannel Marketing on Creative Operations, globaledit®
As brands and retailers are embracing new omnichannel strategies, the demand for product photography and visual content is exponentially growing.

  • How do omnichannel strategies affect brands and their creative operations?
  • What challenges are they facing?
  • How do they (plan to) adapt to this new environment?

In the first edition of the Creative Operations Breakfast Series (Sept. 22, 2015), Vanessa Holden, Independent Consultant and Former VP Creative Director at West Elm, and Jim Zdancewicz, Head of Creative & Content Production at eBay Enterprise, joined us in our TriBeCa headquarters to discuss how the multiplicity of marketing channels have impacted brands and organizations’ creative operations.
omnichannel marketing creative operations, The Impact of Omnichannel Marketing on Creative Operations, globaledit®As new channels and devices are constantly emerging, companies and creative production teams are trying to produce the best content that fits their brand identity and messaging. After years of rushing for new pop-up channels, Vanessa and Jim have noticed a change in companies’ marketing and creative production approach: Brands are now putting more strategic thought into their creative assets, focusing on producing core assets, while constantly innovating by experimenting with a multitude of asset types, formats, and channels in order to test and learn. This reality-check is mostly due to stagnant or shrinking creative production budgets, especially for experimental assets.
Creative teams themselves have also evolved: Because creative teams and operations are more condensed, they also need to be more versatile. On set, every single link of the creative operations chain needs to be clear about the company’s identity, objectives, and key messages to be able to shoot, pick the right edit, and properly edit the appropriate assets for each channel. They need to understand the nuances of each channel to make better creative decisions on-the-go.
Watch the full panel to learn more about the impact of omnichannel marketing on creative operations:

The Creative Operations Breakfast series brings together leaders in the creative production and operations community for a casual breakfast.


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