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By Globaledit
Apr 29, 2011

Industrial Color Software Chooses Midnight Coders? WebORB to Enable High Speed File Transfer Service
Creative Teams using FileSociety experience an easier more efficient experience with WebORB
Addison, TX, April 28, 2011 Industrial Color Software is proud to announce that it has achieved stellar application performance using WebORB for .NET to power Industrial Color’s FileSociety service offering. FileSociety is a revolutionary new web application delivered as a service and used by creative production teams to manage and share files of any kind at blazing speeds anywhere around the globe. WebORB provides the connectivity between FileSociety’s rich Flex client interface and .NET backend services, marshalling the communications between both client and server at unprecedented speeds.
Industrial Color Software is the leading provider of hosted software for creative groups, constantly pushing the limits to manage and deliver content for the world’s leading content production teams.  This experience, combined with frustrations over the limitations of traditional file transfer systems, led Industrial Color Software to develop FileSociety, which is a Rich Internet Application that solves the problems of usability and file transfer speeds for creative production teams.
Using WebORB for .NET, FileSociety provides customers with an intuitive Flex user interface that makes it easy to share files from anywhere in the world almost instantly. Information can be pushed from the .NET backend data stores to subscribers whenever there is an update to any file automatically, without the customer constantly needing to check for updates. This makes the creative workflow all the more efficient.
According to Aaron Holm, VP of Development, WebORB provides the fastest mechanism for moving data back and forth between Flex and .NET. As a result, we have experienced faster development times, better application performance and increased customer satisfaction using WebORB.  The FileSociety UI is blazing fast and easy to use, which are crucial requirements for creative professionals.
Mark Piller, CEO/Founder of Midnight Coders states, “We are very pleased to have Industrial Color Software and its service, FileSociety join our family of esteemed WebORB customers. Having developed an expertise in integration, we understand the critical need businesses have for instant access to updated information. We are excited that WebORB is enabling this functionality for creative teams around the world using FileSociety.”
FileSociety is used by many leading retail, entertainment, and post production groups including Victoria’s Secret, Turner Broadcasting, Liz Claiborne, Splash News, The Foundry, and others.  Creative production groups move Terabytes of content around the world at blazing speeds and as a result can produce content more efficiently and utilize global production teams.
About Midnight Coders, Inc.
Midnight Coders is a leading provider of integration technology that enables universal client-server connectivity for mobile, browser and desktop clients. Development teams from around the world use our WebORB technology to expedite development and improve application performance, so that they can get to market faster with greater business success. Visit us at www.themidnightcoders.com
About Industrial Color
Industrial Color Software builds powerful but easy-to-use tools and applications for creative groups.  The company’s systems include Globaledit, an easy to use web application for creative professionals to collaborate and manage images and videos, and FileSociety, a web application that allows users to manage and transfer large files of any kind at blazing speeds anywhere around the globe.  The company’s development team and infrastructure are located in New York City.  Major customers include Victoria’s Secret, Warner Bros, Old Navy, NBC Universal, Neiman Marcus, and many others.  For more information visit www.industrialcolorsoftware.com
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