How Traditional Agencies Can Beat the Competition

By Globaledit

Bus Stop Advertising

Many brands are attempting to publish more creative content to meet marketing demands through in-house agencies. An ANA study finds, “Nearly 80 percent of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) members have some form of in-house agency.”

ANA CEO Bob Liodice has noted, “Traditional agencies are becoming increasingly challenged as marketers move more work in-house while encouraging their external agencies to provide differentiated services and increased value.” While there is a dramatic shift away from traditional agencies, in-house agencies are facing challenges, particularly within the context of the fast-paced, complex marketing strategies of today. McAteer points out, “The biggest challenges for in-house agencies are related to managing growth. Specifically, the two top challenges are managing workflow (increased projects) and efficiently managing resources.”

Traditional agencies should take note of the in-house agencies’ weaknesses and play them to their advantage. Forbes article “As In-House Agencies Become the Norm, The Opportunities For Outside Agencies Evolve” recognizes the new possibilities for traditional agencies, in spite of the recent growth of in-house departments. The article notes that “talent pool, staying abreast of trends, the informality of client relationships, and strategic acumen” are issues in-house agencies face on a daily basis and adds “every one of those are opportunities for individual outside agencies.” Traditional agencies should transform their competitor’s weaknesses into their strengths. If traditional agencies can provide differentiated services and increased value and enhance their efficiency and productivity, they can win the battle against in-house agencies.

A creative asset management such as gloabledit can help in-house and traditional agencies manage workflow, increased projects, and efficiently manage resources.

Learn more about how your agency can overcome the creative content demands of today and beat the competition, whether you are an in-house or traditional agency.