How to Use Omni-Channel Marketing to Build Your Brand

By Globaledit

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How to Use Omni-Channel Marketing to Build Your Brand, globaledit®

Omni-Channel Marketing. It’s a term we’ve all heard over and over again. But really, what is omni-channel marketing? How will it help your brand? How do you put omni-channel marketing to use properly? 

Those are all questions we’ll be answering here to help you understand how to grow your business. 

What is Omni-Channel Marketing?

We’re connected to our devices: phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Why? Because the internet is a place where things are constantly changing, evolving, and growing in order to help user experience. Bottom line is, the more convenient something is for the user, the more likely they are to come back. Hence, omni-channel marketing. Make the user experience so seamless from point A to point B that they can help but come back to experience it over and over again. 

Omni-Channel Marketing is a solution that looks at the entirety of your brand rather than just mobile, desktop, and tablet experiences. It looks at the transition between platforms and how a user moves from one place to the next. More than Omni-Channel Marketing, we’re looking to create an Omni-Channel experience. 

How can you create an Omni-Channel Marketing Experience?

Essentially an Omni-Channel Marketing Experience is how you market, sell, and help customers. It’s an integrated experience, meaning no matter where the customer is, the experience is the same. So, when your marketing, the messaging, imagery, and branding need to be the same across the board. When engaging in an Omni-Channel Marketing Experience, your social media, website, all allow for interaction with the company. 

For example, let’s say a potential customer sees a social media post that peeks their interest. That customer should be able to be routing directly onto the website where the experience would be the same. They would receive the same messaging, same visual branding that engaged them in the first place, same goals and objectives. The channels all work together to hook the customer. 

To build a truly successful Omni-Channel Marketing Experience you need to connect your product, marketing, and customer success. 

Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy:


“Content is King.” We’ve heard that time and time again. But, it’s true. Content is the first thing a potential customer sees. You want your audience to understand your message first and foremost. What does your company do? How can they help? How can your company create a good experience for them? These are all important points that content marketers want to tell their audience. 


Most importantly, you have to have a deep understanding of your audience. If you’re trying your hand at Omni-Channel Marketing, you have to know who you’re marketing to. Learn everything there is to know about your potential customer. What do they search for? What do they like? What do they buy? Once you know your customer, you can gear your content specifically towards them. 


As mentioned, all Omni-Channel Marketing needs to work together. You need to make sure all of your systems work together to give the customer a seamless experience. Making sure your technology stack works together is key.