How to Personalize and Adapt to New Social Channels at Scale

By Globaledit

Luxury Avenue

Luxe Digital released its 2020 report on luxury industry trends. Among the top trends for luxury was personalization at scale and new social media platforms.

The report stated, “luxury brands will dive deeper into unstructured data coming from various digital and social platforms to deliver personalization at a larger scale.” In addition to producing personalized content, luxury brands must venture out into the uncharted territories of niche social media platforms. Brands must create content “that fosters meaningful, life-enhancing connections with like-minded peers and brands.” They will benefit from harnessing “the power of alternative social platforms to answer consumers’ desire for a more authentic, unfiltered look behind the scenes.”

With the growing trends of personalization, additional social platforms, and the need for more creative content, the importance and structure of creative operations continue to grow. Creative operations must be able to produce more visual assets for custom campaigns and multiple social channels seamlessly and deliver them in a timely manner. The need to improve workflows for efficiency and acceleration is vital to generating vast amounts of creative content showcasing personalization. Learn more about how your brand can stay competitive with personalization and the efficient production of visual assets.