Brands are continually trying to understanding how to stand out from the enormous, ever-growing crowd of “cool” brands. Generation Z customers are captivated by brands offering a fresh new look and embodying a strong, authentic identity. Customers are now seeing beyond the facade of brands’ that deploy marketing campaigns for a quick sell. Instead, individuals are demanding more from brands and want to see a transparent and consistent brand message.

Arriving at an empowering brand image and identity is not a simple task. It may take multiple attempts and various approaches. There is not a single model or a one-size-fits-all formula.

An exclusive BOF article provides 6 steps to make your brand “cool” and to find your true identity. These steps are open-ended and high-level. BOF advises brands to:

1.) Figure Out Your Purpose

2.) Be Open to Moving Fast and Experimenting

3.) Use Your Budget to Work With New Creatives

4.) Give Your Collaborators Creative Freedom

5.) Empower Experimental Projects Within the Organisation

6.) Remember that the Product Has to Live Up to the Hype

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