How to Increase Aspera Connect Transfer Time

By Globaledit
Aug 20, 2012

Did you know that you can throttle down your Aspera Connect transfers to prioritize time sensitive materials? You can easily prioritize multiple transfers by changing the transfer rate and slowing down less time sensitive files.

To do this, click the graph icon located to the right of the transfer bar to bring up the more detailed Transfer Monitor.

Next, slide the bar up and down to select the desired speed you would like the transfer to perform at. Remember you can only throttle the transfer speed to a setting lower than your current connection; you cannot make the transfer faster than your connection will allow.

Sometimes, Aspera defaults to a limited transfer speed of 45 Mbps. If your network allows, you can increase this by going through the menu bar, Aspera Connect > Preferences > Bandwidth > Connection drop down menu.

Check out our support site for more details on using Aspera with GLOBALedit.

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