How Many Images Go Into a New Pilot or Season?
By Globaledit
Jul 24, 2013

Along with the heat, the summer brings a slew of new television series and seasons. globaledit took a look into the amount of photo production that goes into promoting a new season, or an entirely new show. globaledit’s clients are able to share everything from episodic images to key art visuals amongst their team for markups and approvals/kills.
globaledit is processing over 150,000 assets for Media & Entertainment clients alone during the months leading up to a premier.
The globaledit iPad app even allows talent to make approvals for themselves from anywhere in the world. globaledit’s ability to handle massive amounts of assets, as well as its global connectivity, has transformed this formerly tedious process into a much more manageable workflow for the entertainment industry’s top players.
Below we highlight just how many images go into a series’ promotional campaign. We would also like to extend our “congratulations” to the following clients for their incredible work on these new series and seasons!

Graceland: 26,303 via globaledit

Copper: 11,188 assets via globaledit

Dexter: 9,128 via globaledit

Ray Donovan: 6,021 via globaledit

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