How Luxury Magazines are Transforming to Digital

By Globaledit
Feb 28, 2020

Renown luxury magazines that have been around for years must undergo a transformation to the digital space. Print luxury magazines still hold a certain appeal with a particular audience and have an intimate, tangible experience that a website cannot emulate. Yet, a digital presence is a must. Luxury magazines are being coerced to gain digital real estate in order to survive.

An article “Transforming Luxury Magazines for Digital with Michael von Schlippe” unpacks how Michael von Schlippe is “rewriting the story of luxury publishing” to fit the digital space.”

Michael von Schlippe is the founder and co-owner of Indochine Media Ventures (IMV). IMV’s portfolio of brands includes Robb ReportEsquireLuxury Guide, and Buro 24/7.

Michael von Schlippe explained, “Luxury advertising budgets were being cut across TV, print, cinema, and outdoor for all industries. The only area that was seeing an increase was digital. The increase in digital luxury advertising budget did not equal the reduction in print, but it was the only media buying growth that we saw.”

The transition from print to digital calls for more content creation designed for the digital realm. Unlike stagnant visuals created for print, digital assets must be refreshed constantly under a tight timeframe.

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