How Gensler leveraged globaledit to redesign Smashbox Studios

By Globaledit

Smashbox Cosmetics partnered with House Leopard Productions to renovate and operate their legendary Culver City studio. The NYC based executive team worked remotely with the LA based design and construction teams to bring the project’s vision to life under an extremely tight deadline of 9 months.

Remote collaboration

From concept to construction the project deadline was half of the industry standard for an undertaking of its scope – with major infrastructure upgrades, complete gut renovations of two adjacent buildings and numerous high-tech and AV innovations. The ambitious project required constant, detailed collaboration among many stakeholders across multiple geographic locations to review and approve the design and daily construction progress. The team involved top suppliers, including the Newport Beach Gensler team, Gardiner & Theobald project management, ARC Engineering, Howard Building Corporation and the Smashbox Studios teams in NYC and LA.
How Gensler leveraged globaledit to redesign Smashbox Studios, globaledit®A project of this scope and deadline required a new way to work and communicate. By implementing globaledit, the teams were able to upload and share photos and drawings in real-time from anywhere 24/7. This removed barriers of time and location and gave immediate access to the project and removed guesswork.
From design concepts, mood boards and renderings, to original site photos and landscaping references, globaledit was the primary communication platform between the client and Gensler. Its use was also paramount during construction, allowing the teams to communicate instantaneously and make constant real-time decisions.
“Referencing actual in-progress photos was a huge benefit to the project. Conference calls, drawings and meetings are one thing, but photos are real – they clarify and align the team. Smashbox Studios uploaded around 50 site photos per day. Because of their diligence prior to and during construction we were able to see every detail, prevent mistakes and make approvals instantly. It was an amazing resource that I’ve never had before.” – Gareth Jones, Associate Director, Gardiner & Theobald.

Real-time feedback

In addition to major infrastructure upgrades that included electrical, seismic, fire sprinklers, plumbing and HVAC, the team was also tasked with designing custom features including state-of-the-art color controllable LED hair/makeup stations, world class café and commercial kitchen, modern AV systems and premium VIP lounges and mezzanines to create their vision of the “studio of the future.”
“Globaledit was critical to ensuring every custom feature and detail was executed perfectly. The cloud-based application allowed team members to visualize and identify any issues instantly and work together to find quick resolutions to stay on track with our fast-paced schedule.“ – Ashley Brewer, Designer, Genslergensler, How Gensler leveraged globaledit to redesign Smashbox Studios, globaledit®
A simple workflow was quickly established to streamline the team’s review and approval process. Photos were uploaded to globaledit at the end of each construction day. The NYC team was then able to review the photos in the late afternoon and make comments, markups and approvals. The vital feedback was reviewed and integrated into the next day’s construction updates. globaledit was also critical in both discovering construction conflicts ahead of time and establishing immediate solutions that avoided costly delays – the team never missed a beat.
“With globaledit we all referenced the same images during construction. I might notice one detail, while our project manager would catch something else. In one instance we caught an issue with the sprinkler install that would have cost well over $100,000 in abortive work.  Catching all of the details adds up to huge cost and time savings. More importantly, it’s about building an amazing studio. With globaledit we achieved our vision and mission. The team and project exceeded our expectations, which is rare in construction.” – Steve Kalalian, CEO, Smashbox Studiosgensler, How Gensler leveraged globaledit to redesign Smashbox Studios, globaledit®
“In the end, it only took 9 months from concept to construction for Smashbox Studios to re-open its doors. Usually a project like this takes around 15 months, but we were working on an extremely tight timeframe. We did a load of things in parallel that are usually done one after the other, so we condensed everything schedule-wise.  We simply couldn’t have done that without globaledit.” -Gareth Jones, Associate Director of Gardiner & Theobald.
Smashbox Studios re-opened its doors on schedule and immediately welcomed high-profile photographers and celebrity clientele. The Gensler and Howard Building Corporation team was able to create an exceptional space that delivered on the client’s mission of creating a modern, user-friendly facility. The team is proud to have earned Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2015 Best Redevelopment Project award, and an upcoming feature article in Interior Design Magazine’s April 2015 issue.
Be sure to check out Smashbox Studios’ website for a closer look at the results.
gensler, How Gensler leveraged globaledit to redesign Smashbox Studios, globaledit®

Construction Credits

Architect: Gensler, Newport Beach – James Young, Ashley Brewer, Anne Bretana, Eric James & Michael Robins
Construction: Howard Building Corporation – Steve Segel, Mike Thompson
Project and Cost Management:  Gardiner & Theobald – Gareth Jones
MEP: ARC Engineering – TK Wong
AV & Cabling: Tekworks – Joshua Montana and Dave Novak
Security: Enterprise Security – Keith Trainer
Landscape Architect: Place – Victoria Pakshong and Anne Buttyan
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*globaledit is a division of Industrial Color Brands, operator of Smashbox Studios.