How Do You Use globaledit?
By Globaledit
Sep 18, 2013

We’re excited to introduce our new Customer Insight Blog Series.  Here we’ll take a peek into various positions within several creative industries, and see how globaledit helps them better manage their workflow. Because who better to learn from than you, our users?

Our first series kicks off with the Lab Technician.
Who: Ryan Shanley, Head of Lab Services
Use Case: Industrial Color offers full lab services including file archival and asset distribution. Ryan uses globaledit to streamline and slash production time for both her and her clients’ teams.
-So what are your responsibilities as a Digital Lab Technician? 
As a lab tech, I am responsible for archiving all of Industrial Color’s clients’ digital assets to both an on and off-site backup tape. I utilize a program called Retrospect that allows management of multiple servers; techs can locate any file at any time and we can assure that all assets are backed up and secure.
Additionally, I coordinate all post-production for Industrial Color.  I work with art directors and individual photographers, to pull and deliver imagery, process selects, develop broad edits, print contact sheets and selects and develop an organizational structure for their assets.  I use globaledit to streamline the overall process for both my clients and I. Clients include NY & Co., Justice (Tween Brands), Victoria’s Secret (Direct, Stores and PINK Brands), NBC and more.  globaledit allows instant imagery uploads online so Art Directors can make selects, write imagery notes, and send groups of images called Lightboxes so there is no waiting on hard drives. Being able to share these images immediately cuts production time significantly and makes everyone happy. No more shipping of printed copies or lost hard drives!
-What is the process for a typical job?
A fashion client finishes shooting Day 2 (in our world, Day 1 is usually a pre-light day, so not processing before Day 2…).  The creative team sends us a drive and we upload the Broad Edit Jpegs to a job folder in globaledit.  In globaledit the Art Director can then make selects from anywhere on their iPad, their computer or even a Light Table (which is basically an iPad, but the size of a table…so that’s pretty cool).  They then put their selects into a Lightbox and send that over to me.  After receiving an email notification I open the Lightbox using my designated IC Lab Tech login and all I have to do is click one button and ALL of the file names are copied.  I can drop this list in one copy/paste into a dedicated application and locate all of the RAW imagery in about 2 minutes.  The Lightbox tool and filename copy feature make my job as a lab tech so easy.  This saves so much time!  Without globaledit, I would have to go in and individually copy every file name into a Word or Excel document, then copy that list into one of my programs before I could even begin to search for RAW imagery.  I know by experience that clients that don’t use this kind of technology and don’t provide lists of imagery require this process and it really hurts their workflow speed.
-What challenges/obstacles do you encounter on a daily basis?
Speed and accuracy are the two most important aspects of my job.  Clients always want their imagery right away.  They want to send a list of images and have them sent back to them immediately and securely.  Unfortunately, RAW files are very large and email has size limitations.  globaledit allows both JPEGs and RAW files to be uploaded into the cloud.  A client can then access selects and download for a retoucher to begin working immediately.  No one needs to wait to send images within 5 different emails, or compressing files to remain under file size limitations. The most critical to the process are speedy delivery, easy client access, file organization, and in-cloud editing. And globaledit provides it all.
-What are some of your other favorite workflow tools?
In addition to globaledit of course, my favorite programs are Capture, EasyFind, BetterFinderRenamer, TextWrangler, PrintWindow, PhotoMechanic, and Lightroom.
Thank you Ryan! 
We’d love to hear from you too! How do you use globaledit?  What are your daily challenges?  The team here is constantly working on making creative workflow even easier.  So tell us – What is your perspective?
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