GLOBALedit@f41 Version 4 Preview

By Globaledit
Mar 28, 2012

This weekend Industrial Color will be launching version 4 of GLOBALedit. We are incredibly excited to share this new installment with you, which has been over a year in the making. Our culture has always been to solve problems by creating solutions for our clients ? to facilitate collaboration with teams and move assets along the production process efficiently. That is what makes GLOBALedit the industry-standard online digital workflow solution.

?We’re constantly trying to improve and innovate on what we’re offering through our products. When working on the version 4 redesign, we saw a great opportunity to take a step back, review feedback and build the system from the bottom up with the user’s perspective at the forefront.” ? Albert Song, VP of Product and Technology

Here are some things to expect when we launch version 4 this weekend: GLOBALedit will have a new look and feel. When you visit you will land on our brand new website and login page.

We redesigned the user interface, streamlined workflows, and improved application usability. Now you can easily upload, download, view, and edit all in one screen. We built up tools such as Lightboxes, filtering, and search to work better for you. It’ll also be easier to rate images by multi-selecting assets. 

What does all this mean for you? Fewer pages to navigates means a more efficient workflow.

Now you can manage your Jobs and Lightboxes in one screen! You no longer have to manage multiple browser windows and screens. You can do all of your work in one screen now. Choose a Lightbox or Job folder from the left collections panel to view your assets and make ratings. View assets in 1-up, 2-up, grid, or the new list view as seen above.

View a large preview of an image by double-clicking or by pressing ENTER. Use the keyboard arrows or arrows in the bottom right of the screen to scroll through and keyboard shortcuts to make ratings in this mode. Images will be automatically preloaded, making viewing and editing on the web even faster.

Stay tuned for additional updates throughout this week and next as we gear up for the big launch! In the meantime, keep in touch with GLOBALedit news and updates on our Twitter page @GLOBALedit.

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