GLOBALedit Weathers Hurricane Sandy without a Hitch

By Globaledit
Nov 08, 2012

Last week NYC braved historic Hurricane Sandy. The superstorm blew into town Monday and knocked out power for all of Manhattan below 34th Street. But GLOBALedit never stopped working and neither did the creative teams who were able to continue production work without a hitch.

When the city lost power our battery backups kicked in immediately which prompted our emergency generator to begin producing power. Our data center is located in a highly secure communications building that houses broadcasters, communication companies and internet service providers so we were able to keep GLOBALedit running smoothly and without any hiccups in service.


We have returned to the office this week and are thankful for all the well wishes and we continue to hope for the best for those New Yorker’s still without power. Industrial Color also made a substantial donation to the New York City Mayor’s Office Hurricane Relief Fund.

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