GLOBALedit Version 4 Release Date

By Globaledit
Mar 21, 2012

GLOBALedit has evolved organically since the release of the 3.0 platform in June 2006, and is used today by a wide range of clients on a daily basis for their work-in progress content and creative production workflow. So where to from here? We wanted to step back and figure out how to make the system even better for our clients and users.
We set out to rethink the user interface, simplify the workflow, and improve the application experience. We wanted users to be able to maximize the tools available to them and streamline their process even further.
For the past 14 months, the GLOBALedit team has been hard at work on the new version of GLOBALedit. We redesigned the front-end with the design expertise of Area17 and rebuilt the back-end of the system to make it more beautiful on the outside and powerful on the inside. This will be a solid foundation from which to grow and continue improving and expanding.
We’re really excited about the new look & feel and can’t wait to get it in your hands. Industrial Color is proud to announce that GLOBALedit version 4 will launch next Saturday, March 31st. Here’s a sneak peek at the new UI.

Next week we’ll post what’s in store for the new system. Contact us with any questions or to learn more about GLOBALedit version 4.

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