Globaledit App Updates

Feature updates:

Update 1:  To help users who are usually using one tool often (such as the metadata editor or markup editor) we’ve added the ability to remember the last tool you used. Thus, when you log in to Globaledit, the tool used previously will be preloaded.

Update 2: Previously in Globaledit, we had a Keyboard Shortcut overlap. The letter ‘a’ is used usually for making an ‘Alt’ rating on Globaledit, except when using the Markup Editor.

To help users who need to make a quick ‘Alt’ rating while working on markups, we changed the Shortcut for Move/Select on the Markup Editor to the letter ‘q.’ To learn more, please click here. 

Update 3: Improvements in Globaledit:

  • Improvement of hand & zoom tools.

We have updated hand & zoom functionality to ensure users can load and work when in 1/up, 2/up, and large preview, without the need to be in the preview window in the top left.  To learn more, please click the link here. 

Tip: When using the zoom tool, you can click and hold the spacebar to activate the hand tool and move a specific area of the image into focus.


Improved Drag & Drop in 1/Up & 2/Up

We have updated the drag & drop functionality to work better by preventing the drop function from being disabled unnecessarily.

Improved Image Zooming & Fit Function

We have updated the image zoom function to ensure its always in the middle to prevent it from being stuck. 

We will continue to work hard to improve functionality and add new features. Check out what’s coming soon.