GLOBALedit ? The Beginning
By Globaledit
Feb 29, 2012

In looking forward to the release of GLOBALedit Version 4, we took a look back at the early days of our product, our company, and the industry in general.

This sets the clock back 11 years when digital photography was just starting to become viable for commercial photography. With everyone going digital at once, there was a massive number of images being produced.

“We were all shooting digitally so we wanted to keep the workflow digital. The Internet was a tremendous opportunity to collaborate and work in real time from anywhere. That was the concept behind the first version of GLOBALedit.” @f37 Industrial Color President, Steve Kalalian

So in 2003, Steve and the Industrial Color team, along with a few developer friends, sketched out and built the first version of GLOBALedit. It provided image review and approvals from anywhere in the world as well as the ability to quickly download and share images with production teams online.

To this day, GLOBALedit continues to evolve to support the ever-changing needs of professional photo and video production teams. We work to understand how teams work and leverage technology to deliver products and features that streamline the process in an elegant way.

For a blast from the past, check out some screen shots below of the very first version of GLOBALedit.

globaledit, version 1, v1

The original GLOBALedit login page

globaledit, version 1, v1

The first GLOBALedit job tree (check out that old-school Internet Explorer)

globaledit, version 1, v1

Adding notes and rating images. That’s Todd Schweikert, VP of Industrial Color!

globaledit, version 1, v1

Check in next Wednesday when we post part 2 of our blog series, where we’ll explore GLOBALedit’s development as a client and workflow-oriented product.

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