GLOBALedit Launches Collaborative Markups

By Globaledit
Dec 04, 2012

We’re very excited to announce Collaborative Markups, now live on GLOBALedit! Multiple users can make markups and text notes on an image and share with each other, their teams, and vendors.
Public Markups
Make your markup public so other users who have access to the image can view your edits and notes. View other users’ markups as well, and toggle them on / off to control whose you see.

Quick Markup Downloads
Download PDFs of markups directly from the “Download” section. Choose the “Markup PDF” download option for a single asset, and you’ll get a PDF with all public markups. Toggle off a user to hide those markups from the PDF as well.

Lightbox downloads also have a “Markup PDF” option, so you can easily download all available markups for the assets in any lightbox.

Controlled Markup Sharing
Communicate edits and requests with your team and retouchers directly through lightboxes. When you share a lightbox, you can allow your recipients see public markups on lightbox images. They can view and download markups as needed, along with RAWs or other hires files.

Leveraging GLOBALedit’s cloud-based platform allows collaborative markups to be accessible from any location immediately, increasing efficiency with the back-and-forth across your team and with your vendors and shortening your time to market. Let us know what you think!

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