globaledit hosts DAM Meetup

By Globaledit
Mar 20, 2014

Last night we hosted the world’s largest DAM meetup group right here in our TriBeCa headquarters to discuss collaboration tools and digital asset management.  Our very own Product Manager, Matt Glueckert, was on the panel alongside Megan Re, Photo Director, Food Network and Shane Vella, Technical Solutions Engineer, North Plains.
The panelists reviewed the ever changing workflow processes that Digital Asset Managers need to adopt, and the challenges faced in implementing solutions.  A productive and educational evening was had by all!
View a recording of the panel discussion below. And if you’re in the NYC area, sign up to join the NYC DAM meetup group here.

Working with collaboration tools and digital asset management
How do groups and teams work together with digital assets today? Can you collaborate with others on digital assets today? How about after or even during a photo shoot? How about with video? What collaboration tools do you use along with digital asset management (DAM) today? How do these collaboration tools work with your DAM solution? Can you work remotely and still collaborate effectively? What about doing all this on mobile devices?
Find out the answers to these questions and more during our NYC DAM Meetup panel discussion on working with collaboration tools and digital asset management.
-Henrik De Gyor, Co-Organizer

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