GLOBALedit – Growing Features and Team

After GLOBALedit’s initial launch, both digital production and client interest grew. A need emerged for a more robust system to handle the volume of images being collected daily and the number of users working online around the globe. The second installation of GLOBALedit added key features: Image Editor to preview and edit images, Metadata Editor to tag metadata on the fly, and Talent Approval modules to send and receive kills from actors and publicists. These tools still act as a core part to our users’ daily workflow today.

?GLOBALedit changes with the times. It?s a product of evolution.? – Industrial Color Software Engineer, Dan Fusaro

By 2007, clients could see their photo shoots go from set to GLOBALedit, available for their teams to view from anywhere online. The design and layout of version 2 was more user-friendly and specialized for the workflows of creative production users. GLOBALedit was still reliant on managed services at this time, so drives were sent to Industrial Color for upload and online management.

Dan Fusaro was the first to join Industrial Color as a developer on GLOBALedit, focusing on UI design and image processing.. ?Usability, speed, and capacity were major factors for constantly improving GLOBALedit. Developing a cohesive interface has also always been a goal,? shares Dan.

Bringing on Dan would eventually lead to an entire in-house development team to work on growing and developing GLOBALedit full-time. ?We went from a HP workstation in a one room office to our current space [the AT&T building in downtown Manhattan] and a state-of-the-art tier-3 data center with backup generators and off-site data recovery,? says President and Founder, Steve Kalalian.

Below are some screens of GLOBALedit version 2:

globaledit, version 2, old logo,

Once upon a time, we were blue!

globaledit, version 2, old screen,v2

Check back next Wednesday to learn more about our continued development into what you see on GLOBALedit today.