Globaledit for iOS – September 2015 Update


Reviewing assets while on-the-go is about to get easier. The latest update to our iOS app makes it easy to filter and sort images so you can very quickly find and review exactly the images you need to see from your iPhone or iPad.

To get to the new feature, enter a job and load the grid view. Next to the grid view icon, click on the funnel icon to load the Filter and Sort options.

Stacked Filters iOS GlobaleditFiltering suppresses all images that do not match your criteria. The numbers on the right side-show you how many assets in view are approved, selects, starred, etc. Click on the filters you want to apply and the grid view will update automatically.

Sorting is similar. But instead of hiding assets you rearrange them based on name, ratings, and other common metadata. Clicking on the arrow allows you to swap between ascending and descending order.

Retina Support

Also new in this release is support for full Retina quality on all images if you have a retina display iPhone or iPad. This allows you to have pixel-perfect images and should improve the overall image quality in the app. We’ve also made a few other tweaks to the UI to better support the iPhone 6S and Plus. The result is a better looking application with improve usability.

Mobile Uploads

One last huge improvement – you can now upload images directly from your iCloud account. If you’ve moved lots of images into iCloud to save space, or want to upload a photo from year ago – you can now do so seamlessly as if they were an image stored right on your phone. Simply select the thumbnail you want imported into globaledit.

For more details about any of these improvements, check out the full release note. If you have any question about these features or want to schedule a demo, contact us.