globaledit featured in PSFK 'Future of Work' Report

By Globaledit
Jan 10, 2013
PSFK released a report showcasing the new tools in which professionals are using in the workplace and how those are effecting (and improving) efficiency. globaledit made the cut! GLOBALedit LightTable, the first digital LightTable for creative teams that integrates with the GLOBALedit platform, is featured in the visual collaboration section.
Last year, PSKF also included an exclusive interview regarding the globaledit LightTable in a PSFK series titled ‘Future of Work’. Matt Glueckert, Business Development Manager and Albert Song, VP of Product & Technology for GLOBALedit were asked a variety of questions about LightTable and the future of collaboration and touch technology.
“If you’ve ever seen a traditional light table. That’s what people are used to. They want a stack of images. They want a stack of slides and transparencies. They want to work with them in a really physical way. That’s extremely efficient in its own right.
We gained some efficiency with all the data. Individuals can process a lot more data. We lost that physical aspect to it, that communication and collaboration was lacking, but this is really cool because it’s bringing that back. When people come to it, it’s very natural. It’s intuitive. People just get it.” -Albert Song, VP of Product and Technology, globaledit
You can read more about the concept and creation of this project here.
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