GLOBALedit FAQ: Lightboxes

By Globaledit
May 17, 2011

A frequent question that comes from users downloading from lightboxes is why there are no downloads available to them when they try to download images.

Users will see the message below when trying to download an entire lightbox by selecting Download All when they weren’t given permissions to download files.

These messages indicate that the sender of the lightbox did not give the recipient permissions to download any file. When setting up the lightbox, the sender selected the No Files option In Download Permissions. Lightbox owners can customize what types of files they would like the recipients to be able to download by selecting either Low res only, Download any file or they can choose specific file types to allow by selecting Custom.

To change the download permissions for a lightbox that was already sent out, the sender just needs to roll over the lightbox in their lightbox list and select View Lightbox Users. From there, they can select the Edit button under Permissions for that user and select which file types they would like to give the recipient permissions to download.

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