Complicated file and folder names can create unexpected problems or errors. When uploading to GLOBALedit or FileSociety, or when downloading files or lightboxes, there are some best practices you can follow:

  • Avoid illegal characters: The following characters should not be used for names because they may cause file transfer errors or failures:  /     ”   :   ‘   ?   >   <   &   *   |
  • Avoid very long file names: Most systems limit to 256 characters or less. Try to keep your file and folder names short.
  • Avoid blank spaces at the end of names: Do not leave a space at the end of the name. This can cause Aspera to skip over this item for transfer.

If you receive an error message of a failed transfer check for the above characters or an end space and remove them, then try the transfer again with the renamed files or folders.

It’s best to keep your names simple and straightforward not just for GLOBALedit, FileSociety, and Aspera, but for all systems and sites.

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