GLOBALedit FAQ ? Contact Sheets

By Globaledit
Jul 06, 2011

Users often ask us how to create contact sheets to save to their desktops and print. With our latest updates, we have made the process quick and easy.

Open up Job Collection Panel and select the lightbox you would like to make a contact sheet from. Please note that contact sheets can only be made from lightboxes so if you want to make a contact sheet of a specific shot folder you just have to send the assets in that folder to a lightbox.

Then, select Contact Sheets in the Tools drop down menu on the top right-hand side of your screen. Here, you can customize the format and layout of your contact sheet.

Once you@f29ve set up your contact sheet, simply select Create Contact Sheet. You will then receive an email once your contact sheet is ready to download. You can access your items ready for download in the Downloads tab.

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