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By Globaledit
Mar 14, 2012

By 2007, Industrial Color had a full in-house development team as well as a new office in downtown Manhattan. Using version 2 as a model, the team began working on the third installation of GLOBALedit, which would bring significant advances in features as well as a streamlined user interface.  The dev team continued to increase productivity over the next few years with constant feedback both internally and from clients, growing the system to be useful for a wider variety of users across multiple industries.
?We had grown in process. Version 3 was a huge leap from previous versions in terms of flexibility and usability.? ? Vyacheslav Maron, Senior Software Developer

The idea behind this new revamped GLOBALedit was to put the tools into the hands of our users. The Job Manager allows clients to upload and manage their own content directly in GLOBALedit. The Asset Rights system gives managers robust controls for regulating usage and access. Increased Lightbox functionality provides all users with nimble yet powerful tools for sharing images to view and download.

We also strove to simplify the production process thru new devices, applications, and formats. Approval Galleries, both online and on the GLOBALedit App for iPad, bring the approval process directly to talent on set and on the go. Dropboxes and GEDi, our desktop uploader, make it even easier for photographers and techs to upload shoots and requested files. We added support for a wide breadth of video and camera formats, so users can apply GLOBALedit tools to all facets of their production workflow.

It’s been amazing to see GLOBALedit develop into the system we see today:

Visit the blog again next week to get a sneak peek of the new GLOBALedit, release date announcing soon!

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