GLOBALedit and FileSociety Firefox users

Mozilla has recently released their new Firefox version 3.6. If you’ve already upgraded, you may have experienced some problems with GLOBALedit, FileSociety, or other Flash-based applications. Currently, there is a known bug in using Flash 9+ applications in Firefox 3.6 that will hopefully be fixed by Mozilla quickly. We are working on a patch fix for the GLOBALedit and FileSociety sites as well.

Until then, if you continue to experience problems, you can downgrade to a previous version of Firefox here:

Additionally, if you’ve upgraded to Firefox 3.6, you will need to download the newest verstion of the Aspera plugin that facilitates your high speed transfers. This version fixes Firefox 3.6 issues for Intel-based MACs and Windows PCs, and can be downloaded here:

We will continue to keep you updated on the status of these issues. Please contact Industrial Color Software with any questions or concerns.